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Village reunion for poets

Posted on February 28 2018 at 2:59:13

Poets in 2007

In November 2007, The Village carried a feature introducing a new local group, the Withybed Poets, writes Mary Green.

On the same page was an article on Mike Bannister, a former Alvechurch resident who had just published another book of poems.

The Withybed Poets are still going strong 11 years later, and have become well-known in the community, reading their poems and writing “on demand” at events and occasions.

Mike Bannister, who now lives in Suffolk, is still writing poetry books and has been Chair of the Suffolk Poetry Society. He keeps in touch with Alvechurch, partly by reading The Village.

Mike recently visited Alvechurch with his sons, and contacted the Withybed Poets, who arranged an evening in the Crown at Withybed to meet and share poetry – and reminiscences!

Several of Mike’s poems speak of the freedom of roaming around here in childhood, and we all had poems with similar themes.

We also shared a belief that poetry is not just something for books and an educated elite, but something live and spoken that can appeal to everyone. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Withybed Poets, look for details in the What’s On section.

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