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Village surgery group quits, citing inaction

Posted on November 30 2015 at 10:15:37

Volunteers in a village GP surgery patients group have resigned en masse, complaining that their efforts are having no effect.

Four of the five Alvechurch members on the Patient Participation Group for the practice in their village quit, saying they felt they could not achieve their aims.

“This is not a decision which has been taken lightly,” they told The Village.

“We have been working diligently over the past three years in support of local patients in an endeavour to ensure that services are provided locally and are on a par with those enjoyed by patients registered at other practices.“

They were referring to an anomaly which means some services for patients of the Alvechurch practice are governed by a Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). 

“Having succeeded in getting the CCG anomaly into the public and political domain, we have sadly not succeeded in effecting as much change as we had hoped for as this requires full engagement by the current CCG and practice,” their statement added.

“We therefore feel we cannot achieve our aims and hope that Alvechurch Parish Council will continue to lobby the local CCGs, Worcestershire County Council, the surgery, and Healthwatch Worcestershire for action to improve patient choice at Alvechurch and specifically for a directory of the services available for Alvechurch patients, which has been promised several times.”

Simon Welch, one of the members who resigned, said they had put in years of effort, numerous meetings, hundreds of emails and phone calls to no avail. 

“The Alvechurch PPG members, who were increasingly working in isolation and effectively disconnected from the doctors’ practice, had no power or authority and thus could not really make any discernible difference. 

“This frustration has resulted in the representation for the 5,000 Alvechurch patients being decimated.”

Alvechurch GP Dr Matt Dakin told The Village: “We were sorry to receive the resignations of some of the members of our PPG. We are very grateful for the time and work that they have put into this role.  

“We understand their frustration with a lack of progress in certain areas, in particular that of the boundary issues associated with us being members of a Birmingham CCG.  

“We are continuing to work with the CCG where we and the PPG continue to have concerns about this. Ultimately this has arisen as a result of national policy and we have no direct influence on changing this.

“We will continue to put patient care at the centre of what we do and look forward to working with the PPG in the future.”

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