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Villagers win speed pledge

Posted on August 22 2011 at 12:38:43

Overturned car on Barnt Green Road

Cofton Hackett residents are celebrating a pledge to cut the speed limit through their village – but some say it still doesn’t go far enough.

As reported in the last issue of The Village, a campaign launched in June led to more than 500 letters being sent to county council officials and MP Sajid Javid.

Transport chiefs have now revealed detailed proposals for reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph all the way from the Rednal island to a point around 175 metres south of the top of Reservoir Road.

While welcoming the move, villagers say it doesn’t make sense to increase the speed limit just as motorists are heading down a hill and around a section of bends.

It would be much better, they say, to extend the 30mph restrictions to the flatter area south of Cofton Church Lane – or even better, make the limit 30mph all the way into Barnt Green.

Resident Mark James, who began the campaign, told The Village he was meeting with residents along the section that is currently planned to remain at 40mph.

“They’ve told me it wouldn’t be safe because of the hazards along that stretch – and they also believe it would be wasting money to implement one lot of changes, then to have to go through the whole process again for the next.”

At the same time, campaigners are aware that to obtain the necessary money, the work has to be completed by next April and if the plans go back to the drawing board they may end up with nothing.

As well as reducing the speed limit, the county plan also includes using road markings to reduce the perceived width of the road to motorists and make pedestrians feel safer. There will also be a 30mph speed-activated sign as motorists enter Barnt Green Road from Rednal.

Mr James said he had been told that three months after the work had been completed, speed monitoring equipment could then be used to back up the case for the speed reduction to be extended towards Barnt Green.

Pictured above: A passing car, overturned at the top of a drive in the stretch planned to remain at 40mph.

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