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Waiting for the rain to fall

Posted on August 31 2018 at 12:11:19

dry lake

This scene would normally be mostly water, perhaps with a sailing dinghy or two skipping across the surface while anglers watch their floats from the shore.

What you can see here is merely a puddle, the result of the few rainy spells this summer since a new valve was fitted to the bed of Upper Bittell, close to the dam wall, in June.

It will be some months before the fish stocks, removed from the reservoir so it could be drained, will be retrieved from holding tanks dotted around the national canal system and freed into the water for members of Barnt Green Fishing Club to tempt them on to their hooks.

It also means Barnt Green Sailing Club’s centenary celebrations have been a drier affair than had been hoped, although the members have not been disheartened and have still enjoyed a series of land-based events marking the occasion.

Now they are praying for rain so they can take to the water in their centenary year, with their fingers crossed for ‘early autumn’.

As The Village went to press, that was looking optimistic but, as we all know, the British weather is always capable of surprises . . .

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