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Times, they are a changin’ . . . and they will keep on changing whatever any of us may feel about it.

Lawton’s View

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Lawton's View Feb 2018

Not a bridge too far

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In response to Canon Rob Fieldson’s letter (“Prioritise rail cash”) in last month’s Village: I completely agree that disabled access should be greatly improved at Barnt Green, but not at the expense of the new footbridge.

Community spirit in ‘Lego Village’

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My wife and I bought our “Lego House” in Cofton Hackett over four years ago. We settled in and watched happily as our family, and other families on Cofton Fields, grew.

Show us your evidence

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I could not let go unchallenged the claim from your (unnamed) correspondent in January 2018 under the headline “Plagued by chariots of fire”.

Fuming outside the school gate

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Is it worth mentioning that the popular practice of driving to school early and then sitting in the (large, diesel-powered) car with the engine running (so as to keep warm) is poisoning hundreds of young bodies?

Party pooper

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I do hope that an apology from the editor of The Village is forthcoming. The irony of extolling the virtue of local democracy in choosing councillors but not of national democracy in choosing Brexit obviously escapes him.

Can you ride tandem?

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This is a personal appeal made in the hope that able and willing cyclists will volunteer to pilot my much-loved Longstaff tandem from time to time.


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It’s not often that New Year predictions come to pass, but this year we can claim some success.

Lawton’s View

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Lawton's View Jan 2018

Prioritise rail cash

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I live in Cofton Church Lane and enjoy walking and running around the footpaths of this beautiful area.

Network Rail needs to address safety

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Two things seem to be clear in respect of the footpath/footbridge/lifts problem with Network Rail:

Council planners ‘ignoring logic’

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I note from the Village News Round-up in your December issue that the owner of the former veterinary surgery has asked villagers for suggestions of uses.

Warm welcome to Cofton

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As a resident of the Cofton Fields estate, I would like to express my thanks for the warm welcome I’ve received within Cofton Hackett. 

Change is not always good

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Regarding K Cunningham’s response to my original letter about the new Cofton Fields estate (Village Views, November 2017): yes, things did have to change and life moves on, but as many residents would tell you, what was promised in the first plans looks nothing like what there is now.

Plagued by ‘chariots of fire’

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Ah, the sleepy Anglo Saxon village of Cofton Hackett. Or it was until the chariots of fire appeared!

Leaving dog mess is disrespectful

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To those who turn a blind eye when their dogs are walking out with them: if dog mess is left behind, your duty to your canine and to the environment is to “bag it and bin it”.


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Faceless bureaucrats in their Whitehall ivory towers, drawing lines on maps without a care for how they will affect us in our villages 100 miles away from the capital . . . where have we read those words before?

Lawton’s View

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Lawton's View Dec 2017

Bridge ‘railroaded’

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I read your article in November’s edition concerning the disabled lifts at Barnt Green station with a feeling of frustration and disappointment.

A guide to getting on and off the train

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With regard to access for all at Barnt Green station, I would like to expand on what Coun Cholmondeley has stated in Village News (November 2017).

Stop griping and embrace Cofton’s opportunity

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As a resident of the “over-built Lego extension” in Cofton Hackett (Village Views, November 2017), I find it disappointing to still see negativity about what is not only a great opportunity for an exciting and cohesive new neighbourhood but also a lovely place to live. 

Where are the whitebeams?

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I thought Barnt Green was such a nice place when I came to live here. However, two years ago the chainsaws moved into Rosebank and the whitebeams came down.

Whose dung is it, anyway?

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I enjoyed reading The Village last month, especially the fabulous tip given by Cheryl Godfrey regarding using the horse droppings to feed the roses (Village Views, November 2017).

Meadows should be open to cars

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This is an open letter to Alvechurch Parish Council and anyone concerned with the situation at the Wiggin Recreation Grounds, known locally as The Meadows, over the past summer and autumn.

Thanks to villagers for generosity

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I would like to thank all local businesses who donated the wonderful array of prizes for the Alvechurch Knit & Natter Alzheimer’s Charity Raffle, and all you lovely people who have purchased tickets.


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We often hear people talk about how nice it is to live in our villages and how lucky we all are to do so.

Roads to nowhere

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Just when it looked probable that I may be alone in thinking that with all the frantic building and road-making going on in this Sceptered Isle, we will all be permanently gridlocked, your editorial and David Barton and Sophie Garner’s letters in the October issue revealed that perhaps other people have been thinking about this as well.

Urgent need to calm speed

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Regarding the subject of speeding traffic in Barnt Green, I note that parish clerk Gill Lungley states that Fiery Hill Road is not suitable for the use of a speed gun (The Village October 2017).

Car park safety concerns

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I want to raise a very real concern about the car park provided by the builders of the new estate on Fiery Hill. 

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