Thursday January 24 2019

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. . . I blame austerity, but there’s no need to moan

Posted on June 30 2017 at 3:37:46

Bonfires can be annoying, and bless the children’s school uniforms having to be washed again. I’m not sure why the laundry identity was important.   

The Government has pulled local funding for bulky rubbish collection and garden waste collection in many counties around the UK, which has led to significant increases in fly tipping and garden bonfires.

Austerity measures have damaged all sorts of community resources like this, up to and including policing, schools and the NHS but the one thing definitely worth complaining about above all others is bonfires.

The other issues may take a generation to repair but a few hours of inconvenience in a lovely neighbourhood is, at worst, a momentary inconvenience. 

This sort of complaint illustrates the self-absorbed society we have become in recent years, with such petty and unimportant issues becoming worthy of note.

If we each took a moment to remember how lucky we are to live in such a nice place for all the other hours of the year, and contribute rather than complain, even the grumpiest people could try being happy and see if they like it.

Bob Moustache, via email

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