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Posted on November 14 2010 at 11:20:44

Hopwood Residents Association is very concerned that Bromsgrove District Council seems still intent on issuing licences and permits that will now allow this once-rural farm to become a commercial factory, sited not 70-odd yards or so from residential properties within the Green Belt.

Hopwood Residents’ Association feel that this is a totally inappropriate site for such a processing plant. Similar factories are usually positioned well away from residential areas and are recommended for brown industrial sites rather than rural Green Belt locations.

Emissions, regardless of whether thermal oxidisers are used or not, usually cause residual smells from chimneys, buildings and of course lorries (containing animal waste products) coming and going. The site is next to a public house, close to a hotel and has a leisure-based canal running alongside it.

This whole area could be condemned to many years of constant complaining and suffering if our council is not prepared to make sure this site is run on strict and considerate practices. You can understand the scepticism of local folk when all they have to rely on is our council’s monitoring methods.

Adrian Smith, Chairman
Hopwood Residents’ Association

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