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A shining light over village

Posted on January 26 2006 at 9:00:35

As an occasional visitor to Alvechurch over the past 40 years I feel qualified to “put in my three pennyworth” on the subject of The Ark at St Laurence Church.

Unlike some of its critics, I suspect, I have visited The Ark. I was so impressed by the vision of the architect and those who commissioned the building.

Initially I was hesitant about the amount of red brick on the outside but when you see that it is merely picking up and continuing the beautiful brickwork within the church then it is understandable. It will immeasurably enhance the life and activities of the church.

The original church building was necessary and suitable for two hundred years ago – this now brings the church alive in the 21st century.

To see the light shining out over the village on a dark evening was a joy. Forgive my paraphrasing, but for this vessel, “May God bless all who meet and pray in her”.

Philip Newman
Ceredigion, Wales

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