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‘Affordable’ homes threaten woodland

Posted on February 28 2005 at 3:39:01

Are you aware that another piece of Green Belt land is now under threat in Cofton Hackett?

I refer to the small oasis of woodland between the Barnt Green Road and Grovely Lane, beside the Poacher’s Pocket island.

This area has already been reduced in size considerably by the building of two totally inappropriate new houses, which have been crammed into a postage stamp-sized piece of land on the Barnt Green Road side of the stream which flows through the woodland.

Now we see that the application has been made from Nexus Housing Association to build four more “affordable” dwellings on the remaining piece of woodland.

I can only assume that the developers think that by opting for “affordable” homes they can persuade the council to grant planning permission, whereas they would have no chance if the application was for normal homes!

We cannot see the need to use up every piece of green land that exists in this country.

The soon-to-be-developed old Rover works site will surely provide ample scope for as many “affordable” homes as the area needs, along with room for reasonable access and parking, something which will be extremely reduced on the proposed site.

The success in saving the area around Cofton Lake was due to public awareness of a perceived threat to the green area of the site; surely this little wilderness, which is home to foxes, badgers and birds, is also worth preserving before we are all submerged in a concrete jungle?

We have sent our letter of objection to the Director of Planning Services; hopefully others will have thought enough to object too.

Barry Hodgson, Cofton Hackett

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