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Another Anderson

Posted on March 31 2005 at 1:50:33

Who else has an Anderson Shelter? We have. My husband and I moved to Cofton Hackett in 1963 and soon started work on our rear garden backing on to Cofton Lake.

At the bottom of the garden there was a raised part given over to a rockery. We decided to level the area and grow vegetables. It was during this work we discovered the shelter.

We went ahead leaving the shelter intact. This was 24 years after the outbreak of war in 1939.

About eight years ago we had the area paved and turfed; the workmen discovered a small opening in part of the shelter and we were able to see right inside. To our surprise it was still incredibly dry.

Phil Hall (Village Views, March) suspects many houses had shelters. Quite so; I understood every household who wished was provided with one, the creation being the responsibility of the occupants.

After the war the shelters often provided useful storage space or dens for children – no television or computers then – and became a special feature of a garden. I for one am interested in Mr Hall’s plans and wish him well in his project.

Mrs A E T Court, Cofton Hackett

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