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Ash Lane exit has been a danger for many years

Posted on March 14 2011 at 12:17:23

I wouldn’t hold your breath if you think anything will be done to improve the entrance/exit into Ash Lane from the Birmingham Road in Hopwood. How many times has this subject been raised at parish council meetings to no avail?  

While exiting the lane one morning last week, a Bromsgrove council vehicle entered Ash Lane on the wrong side of the bollard, causing me to brake hard to avoid a head-on collision.

I then had to reverse back down Ash Lane as the vehicle could not reverse into the flow of traffic on the A441, to enable it to enter the lane on the correct side of the road. The driver waved to acknowledge his mistake, but I was shaken by this near miss.
Also, cars exiting the petrol station very often do not go round the bollard to exit Ash Lane on the correct side of the road, because the signage is not clear from that angle.  

Thus these vehicles block the entrance to the lane, which is particularly dangerous for vehicles travelling from the direction of Birmingham on the A441 who wish to turn into Ash Lane. Especially when they have a speeding driver up their “backsides”.

I’ve lost count of how many times I have held my breath when witnessing this from the opposite direction on the A441.

The present signage, entrance/exit arrangements to the petrol station and now the planned “take-away” opposite the entrance to Ash Lane are a joke (or worse still, an accident waiting to happen).

Jane Cockbill, Hopwood

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