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Barnt Green can’t escape

Posted on May 14 2011 at 10:43:52

After reading your May issue, I was left feeling slightly angry and somewhat bemused at some people’s attitude in Barnt Green.

I have been living in Alvechurch for just under 37 years. When we moved here it did seem a lot “greener” than it does today, and no, the talk of taking away some of our precious Green Belt (joining us to Redditch) wasn’t the village life I had originally signed up for.

Nevertheless, with the country becoming more populated, there is a need for more houses and with most of the areas already being (over)developed in Alvechurch, Catshill, Bromsgrove and Cofton Hackett/Longbridge, I’m sorry, but why should Barnt Green be any different?

Or are we simply here to take the brunt of it so that Barnt Green can remain more green and their village can remain less crammed and their house prices stay at maximum value, while the rest of ours are potentially hit?

I’m afraid times are indeed changing and developments are inevitable and all we can do is ask the developers to take the surroundings into consideration when they draw up the plans.

Mrs D Leek, Alvechurch

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