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Barnt Green folks deserve a first-class service

Posted on March 29 2018 at 11:01:04


I am a retired gentleman of class, born and bred in Barnt Green, and am writing to say I am much looking forward to the newly-electrified railway link to Bromsgrove.

The new service will enable me to more conveniently visit dear friends I have in Finstall village, a pleasant walk from Bromsgrove Station.

I would, however, like to urge the railway authorities to provide a first class compartment in all the trains stopping at Barnt Green.

This would restore an amenity for people in the village that we have not had since the days when the LMS company was in charge.

I also feel our station should have a manned ticked office exclusively for first-class passengers. I enclose an illustration of the sort of facility that I feel would measure up to standards befitting people in our parish.

In writing this letter, let me make clear: My appeal for the restoration of first-class travel facilities on the local line does not mean I lack respect for the menial classes.

In my household we have an excellent team of servants and our scullery maid is the most charming young lady one could ever wish to meet.

As an example of affection in our household, all staff from below stairs are treated to a sit-down meal every Christmas – waited upon by the young generation of our family.

May I thank you in anticipation of your publishing this letter in your excellent magazine.

I remain, Madam, yours truly,

Major Cuthbert Parker-Smythe RA (Retired), Barnt Green

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