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Barnt Green parking woes

Posted on June 30 2006 at 10:48:16

The bollards and planters installed on the eastern pavement in Barnt Green village look smart but, as your picture (June 2006, p5) shows, vehicles now park on the edge of the pavement and partly on the road, where they add to the existing traffic chaos.

Parking is a big and increasing problem, and the construction of a wheelchair crossing, while most desirable, has further reduced the parking spaces.

The eastern pavement is unnecessarily wide for pedestrian use, while the section nearest the road is uncomfortable to walk on, because of its slope. 

In my opinion a better use of the space would have been to convert the outer section to obliquely orientated parking spaces, and edge the narrower, inner pavement with kerbstones, to demarcate it  as a pedestrian walkway.

Richard H R White, Barnt Green

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