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Be bike-friendly

Posted on October 30 2018 at 10:04:54

Thank you to Howard Allen for his excellent letter, “Politicians are too car-centric”, which appeared in the October edition of The Village

It is a well-thought-out analysis of the car problem in Alvechurch and contains some very good suggestions. Our local councillors would be well advised to use it as a blueprint to bring about improvements.

As a cyclist, I would welcome any initiatives to get people out of their cars and on to their bikes (or feet).  Most people already have bikes gathering dust in their sheds.

Why not use them and in no time you’ll notice significant health benefits. The more of us there are on the roads, the more others will be attracted to joining in, and car drivers be more accommodating.

Thanks also to David Barton for his letter, “Despair over speeding”.  I would favour a 30mph limit for the length of Radford Road, which is a favourite route for runners and cyclists, especially on weekends. 

Motorists in a hurry can always speed along the motorway.

Christine Swainson, Alvechurch

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