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Blackwell site gives me pride

Posted on October 19 2012 at 1:54:56

I read the letter from John and Jane Scott (The Village Views, October 2012) regarding noisy activities at Blackwell Court. It made me realise how we all react with different sensitivity on these issues.

I live in Gleneagles Drive, Blackwell and was aware of the various sounds drifting across from Blackwell Court. I never felt that the noise became unbearable and have to admit that I sometimes enjoyed the drumming.

Certainly, with my professional background, I know that the question of a nuisance in common and statutory law would not arise at the current levels and frequency of noise.

I suppose that I am so pleased that large numbers of young people come to Blackwell Court for positive and challenging activities, that I overlook the occasional disturbance.

I walked my dog some evenings and felt pride and satisfaction at the sight of so many tents, of every shape and size.

It’s worth remembering, also, that there are virtually no problems with youngsters straying from the site. I sense that things are very well organised by the management.

I would become worried if these excellent facilities were no longer used and the huge site was abandoned. At that point, we might see the emergence of property developers with ambitions to build hundreds of houses on the land.

We need only to look at unused land in Fiery Hill Road to realise what can happen.

Roy Dean, Blackwell

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