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Bonfire blight

Posted on April 18 2013 at 11:55:12

At long last we get a warmer sunny weekend. After such a cold spell you can see people’s spirits are raised as they can get busy enjoying the fresh air in our lovely village and the surrounding countryside.

Unfortunately, while most people think of gardening, walking, cycling, visiting the parks etc, some  decided it was perfect conditions for lighting a garden bonfire.

After not being able to get out on my mobility scooter due to the weather I decided that it was so nice on Saturday that I would ride to the village shops through the churchyard, where I usually stop for a while to look at the flowers and enjoy the views over the village and the surrounding countryside.

Not today though, as thick smoke from a huge garden bonfire was blowing across the churchyard towards the residential care home. I got through the smoke as quickly as possible, as did others who were in the churchyard.

I find it difficult to believe that people can be so uncaring of the effect their actions have on other people’s health and enjoyment. Later in the day I travelled through the churchyard again and looking down on the village you could see it was enveloped in smoke. Such a shame on a lovely day.

People should bear in mind that if such smoke materially affects the enjoyment of their house and garden, the local authority has the power to deal with it as a statutory nuisance.

Tony Keating, Alvechurch

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