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Bonfire gripe misses the point

Posted on June 30 2019 at 1:44:26

While refuelling my father’s bonfire on one of the many Sunday mornings during the 1940s, little did I realise that one day my actions may cause consternation to someone in the 21st century.

It’s something that just does not cross your mind at the time. Or should I say, I can’t recall it crossing mine.

It therefore came as a bit of a surprise that Mr Ridarta (in your June issue) appears to have taken umbrage at my treasured childhood memories. While Mr Lewis, in the same issue, finds it impossible to believe that I’m as old as I make out (I’ll take that as a compliment, Mr Lewis).

I’m not sure Mr Ridarta read my letter or, if he did, failed to appreciate that I was recalling past events.

However, not content with confusing the main reason for my reply, he decides to try and muddy the water by comparing a garden bonfire to an industrial power station, and then, to take the situation even further still, he throws in a few taxis to add strength to his argument.

I think I would have been inclined to take his letter more seriously had he championed causes like the rapidly disappearing rainforests, desecration of the world’s wildlife, plastic contamination, and, even closer to home – the use of Green Belt Land to build upon in preference to the large areas of vacant brownfield sites.

John B Holland, Alvechurch

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