Thursday November 21 2019



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Bonfires should be consigned to the past

Posted on September 30 2018 at 2:00:30


While there is much talk presently of new and old Cofton Hackett coming together and new exciting plans going ahead, what a pleasure it was to experience on a warm end-of-summer’s evening, at no later than 6pm, the sights and smells of thick, white, acrid smoke (pictured right) from materials being burnt with no thought or consideration for those in the surrounding houses and gardens.

This relic of old Cofton Hackett deserves to be exactly that, a relic of the past. Any young children out playing, anyone with asthma or breathing difficulties stood no chance from the clogging disgusting smoke being inflicted on all those around.

Too cheap to pay for a green waste bin, perhaps? Too selfish to think of others and wait till later in the year, for sure.

Cofton Hackett resident 

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