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Build in their backyard!

Posted on August 18 2011 at 3:39:48

According to its latest newsletter, Alvechurch Parish Council is supporting the local authority plan to provide 42 houses over the next ten years on various sites within Alvechurch.

Are the councillors so out of touch with the people who elected them that they are not aware that the vast majority of Alvechurch residents do not want any further development of their village?

It gets better – turning to the back page of the newsletter it would seem from the councillor contact details printed there that a large percentage of the parish council is made up of councillors who live in the Rowney Green area, a place where there is absolutely no 2/3 bedroom affordable housing, so how do they have the temerity to state they believe that the bulk of any future housing to be built in Alvechurch should be of the affordable variety?

Shouldn’t they practise what they preach and designate a part of their back garden as a possible future development site, or perhaps even donate a couple of their spare bedrooms to the underprivileged whom they clearly care so much about?

Steven Murphy, Alvechurch

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