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Bus shelter bungle not ours

Posted on September 16 2008 at 12:33:14

I read with amazement the letter from Professor Peter Sanders (The Village, September 2008) with regards to the bus shelter in Bordesley.

I should like to point out that I do not intend to improve the management at Bromsgrove District Council (BDC) – it has already been done and over the last two years the management team under Mr Dicks has changed BDC from the shambles it was under previous administrations to one of the best councils in the country.

They should be praised and thanked for what they have achieved on behalf of the residents of Bromsgrove District, not tried to be made to look like amateurs.
I find the criticism even more galling when it is completely wrong. But then what do they say: “Why spoil a good story with the facts?”

The bus shelter in Bordesley is being provided jointly by Alvechurch Parish Council and the county council. Unlike Professor Sanders, I will not comment on the quality of the management but I will stress that BDC is not involved.

The next statement is that a petition was given to the council earlier this year but was completely ignored. By whom was it ignored?

It was not given to the district council although that is the inference in the letter and £6,000 of public money has been wasted, following the petition, on a bus shelter that is not needed. So somebody acted on it.

The parish council did ask the district council to provide a bus shelter free of charge but under the new management regime money is only spent on genuine needs and not somebody’s whim.

A needs analysis was requested by the district council from the parish council but non was forthcoming, therefore, the district council did not provide a bus shelter.

The petition from Professor Sanders was simply a want document, but I do not blame the residents of Bordesley for this. I understand they were told that if they had a bus shelter they would then get some form of traffic calming.

The bus stop was already there – why would a bus shelter make any difference?

Councillor Roger Hollingworth
Leader, Bromsgrove District Council

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