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Calming thoughts

Posted on March 31 2005 at 1:43:33

As a resident, I support your general call for diversion of through traffic to the bypass. I think first that we should all acknowledge that the bypass has removed most of the heavy trucks and lorries from the village, and in this regard it has succeeded.

But the suggestions you make under the heading “This is what we want” merely serve to penalise us residents, when we should be solving the problem of non-residential (through) traffic.

A 20mph speed limit, cameras and “humps” as you suggest, will just cause ugly street clutter, delay and cost for residents.

Surely the REAL answer is to place signs at Cobbs Barn and Hopwood roundabouts saying “Access to Villages Only; All Through Traffic This Way…” with appropriate arrows.

This would be a relatively inexpensive solution, and would reduce non-residential traffic in the village, while at the same time not penalising those of us who live here.

While on the subject of traffic, though, I must endorse Coun Hollingworth’s comments about the mini-roundabout at the bottom of Tanyard Lane.

This is a very dangerous junction now, as the exit from Tanyard Lane on to the island is “blind from the left”, a clear case of traffic calming making the situation worse.

May I also touch on your use of the phrase “rat run”. I am fairly sure that the residents of Swan Street, Red Lion Street and Birmingham Road do not think of themselves as “rats” living in a “rat run”.

It is also the case that anyone who has paid for a Road Fund licence is entitled to use any public road in the country. Emotive epithets do not advance your argument.

Andy Parker, Alvechurch

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