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Can you place this name?

Posted on May 20 2008 at 12:06:23


When Smith’s Coaches pulled out of their depot at Tysoe the site was redeveloped into an attractive housing complex named, appropriately, the Old Coach Yard.

In Alvechurch, while Crown Meadow and Buckleys carry their old name, the more recent developments have tended, for some reason, not to reflect the previous names or usage. Take, for instance, the new houses off School Lane.

It was at one time thought, I believe, that the field they were built on was called the Black Patch, but a little research shows that up until about 150 years ago the area was known as The Pig Yard. Now think how that would look on a letter head.

Down by Town Mill the new houses are called Mill Court. However, the original name of the area was Mill Dumps. That would certainly be a unique address.

Over at Tardebigge, the imposing houses now known as Tutnall Grange should, I feel, reflect the use of the land until quite recently. Perhaps Slaughter House Mews would do.

Back in Alvechurch, Coopers Hill had a very picturesque name in the 1770s. I enclose a copy of the map of that period and perhaps your readers can decipher what it was.

Ian Hayes, Bordesley

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