Thursday January 24 2019

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Car park safety concerns

Posted on October 31 2017 at 11:31:05

I want to raise a very real concern about the car park provided by the builders of the new estate on Fiery Hill. 

It has taken a very long time to make it available and I am concerned to see that they haven’t included any lighting – and, to make matters worse, have planted a high hedge all around it.

Obviously the thinking was to screen it off from offended Barnt Green folk, without a thought for people’s safety when parking or returning to their cars in the evening. 

Surely the council should have made sure the parking was well lit and not created a screened-off area which can only encourage illegal activities, not least car-jacking? 

It makes no sense to build in such a way. I doubt anyone will be using it once the hedge thickens out, making Fiery Hill once again an almost-impassable road with the added burden of hundreds of extra vehicles thanks to the new housing estate.

Karen Falconer, via email

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