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Cemetery woe

Posted on October 25 2014 at 3:17:58

I have just read a clipping from The Village magazine stating that an award has been granted regarding the so-called management of the Lickey cemetery.

I find this absolutely, unbelievably shameful and so must anyone who has family and friends buried in the cemetery.

I visit both Lickey and Bromsgrove cemeteries and am always dismayed at the vast difference in their care.

I understand that at Lickey one more cut takes place this autumn, then not again until next August.

Many other people must surely be as upset as myself at the prospect of seeing the cemetery become such an appalling, sad place to visit once the long grass and weeds take over. Scattering some wild flower seeds as planned will not create a meadow and yellow rattle will have minimal effect.

This problem previously arose some years ago but was thankfully resolved that time. I understand it is possible to have the Lickey cemetery closed while allowing existing graves to be reopened if needed for a further burial. This is surely the obvious solution.

It would then be the responsibility of the local authority (Bromsgrove) to maintain it. The Lickey one would only need cutting half of the year between May and October on a four-week basis.

I maintain if less time were spent (it must take hours of regular maintenance) on perfecting all the many unnecessary bushes in Bromsgrove cemetery, surely the time could be better spent on keeping the Lickey one in an acceptable manner.

Similar circumstances arose at Astwood cemetery in Worcester and Cannock Chase, featured on Midlands Today. The church agreed these situations were unacceptable and both are now to be maintained by the council.

If anyone reading my letter wishes to contact me, please do so via The Village.

G Mansell, address supplied

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