Thursday January 24 2019

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Change is not always good

Posted on December 31 2017 at 2:13:49

Regarding K Cunningham’s response to my original letter about the new Cofton Fields estate (Village Views, November 2017): yes, things did have to change and life moves on, but as many residents would tell you, what was promised in the first plans looks nothing like what there is now.

The developer has in fact gone back on many things. Cofton was promised a lot.

I should also note that since the new estate was built, crime has rocketed. The former flightshed was earmarked for local employment, but yet again they built more houses.

I do embrace change, but not when things are railroaded through. I’d say we were sold down the river.

I do not see any extra schools or doctors, and we’re still waiting for a village hall (promised from the start). So yes, I stand by my original comments that there is an overpriced, overbuilt Lego extension on what was a lovely place to live.

Yes, we are on the city border, but that doesn’t give Birmingham the right to ask for our share of funds for things promised to Cofton of old in the first place.

Sadly the B45 postcode (although we are in fact in Worcestershire) is now like having the plague when it comes to house or car insurance. Change is not always for the better. Cofton residents of old have good reason to gripe and be bemused.

Disgruntled Cofton Hackett resident

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