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Church could chip in for the hall

Posted on July 29 2019 at 11:53:36

As a resident of Cofton Hackett, I was interested to read the article in last month’s Village regarding the apparent poor response from Cofton residents to appeals for funds to fit out the new village/parish hall.

What struck me as odd was that among all the donors listed there was no mention of any funds being donated by the Church of England, which has a vested interest in the new building.

May I respectfully suggest that rather than berate the residents of Cofton Hackett, however so gently, that an approach be made to the Church Commissioners since:

1. The Church of England is a registered charity and therefore falls into one of the categories from which it is suggested funds should be sought

2. At the last reckoning the Church of England has a net worth of more than £7 billion – many times the combined wealth of the residents of Cofton

3. So far the Church has been a net recipient of the largesse due under the social contract between the developers, St Modwen, and the local community, in that St Modwen has provided the land and constructed the hall as well as hooking up the local church to mains water and gas.

I am unaware of a reciprocal donation by the Church.

I am quite happy to be corrected if my observations are unfounded but on the available evidence it appears that the residents of Cofton Hackett are being asked to bear an unreasonably large portion of the cost of fitting out the hall when there appears to be an easy solution to funding the shortfall.

Roy Cooke, Cofton Hackett

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