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Cofton’s been short-changed by council

Posted on April 30 2017 at 1:19:13

I refer to Councillor Richard Deeming’s letter last month (“Traffic scheme ‘foisted’ on village”) highlighting the problems encountered by the residents of Cofton Hackett with the traffic-calming measures on Groveley Lane.

Coun Deeming also highlighted his frustration with Worcestershire County Council (WCC), quite clearly indicating that the residents of Cofton Hackett have been short-changed by the council. 

One thing that Coun Deeming did not mention is that once the traffic-calming measures were completed, resurfacing of Groveley Lane would begin.

However, I suspect that the residents of Cofton Hackett are about to be short-changed again, since last week I observed that work to identify and patch the worst of the potholes on Groveley Lane was undertaken and completed, presumably by members of WCC’s Highways Division. 

I am a layman in these matters but it occurs to me that repairing potholes does not constitute resurfacing.

Resurfacing to me, and probably to the ordinary citizen, means the removal and replacement of the existing road surface in its entirety. I am beginning to suspect it means something completely different to WCC.    

If WCC intends to carry out resurfacing work, why was it deemed necessary to carry out these repairs? Coun Deeming also indicated that money has been an overriding factor in this matter, so the question for WCC is:

Do you now have money to waste on unnecessary repairs less than one month before resurfacing work is scheduled to commence, or was the intention all along not to commit to resurfacing? 

I would be interested in the council’s response. 

Roy Cooke, Cofton Hackett

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