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Community spirit in ‘Lego Village’

Posted on January 30 2018 at 1:55:45

My wife and I bought our “Lego House” in Cofton Hackett over four years ago. We settled in and watched happily as our family, and other families on Cofton Fields, grew.

Little did we realise that among certain sections of “Old Cofton” we clearly aren’t welcome.

Thankfully this is probably just a minority as we feel we have forged good relationships with people from “Old Cofton” through Neighbourhood Watch meetings and parish councillors, but it is disappointing nonetheless to regularly read such negative and discriminatory comments in the letters submitted to this magazine.

Frequently there is a letter from “Disgruntled of Cofton Hackett” or “Name and Address Supplied” bemoaning the bare-faced cheek of the outsiders who dared to want to better themselves, when clearly living in Cofton Hackett was only ever meant for the chosen few.

These are the same people who no doubt were grumbling (in this magazine and at PACT meetings for years) about the speeding on Ten Ashes Lane and parking on Groveley Lane long before we plastic folk dared to set foot in their rural idyll.
These are the same people who are crying out for “Their” new village hall (paid for by “Our” house purchases) and who seem to believe that the rise in crime (proportional to the increase in population) is somehow the fault of The Invaders, who incidentally will also find their insurance premiums increasing as that isn’t a problem that stops at Parsonage Drive.

The tone of the most recent letters (January 2018) would appear to suggest that it is us invaders that are somehow responsible for this upsurge in crime – when in fact it would seem to be the case that more of us are victims of it.

Thus far, none of those apprehended for any of the burglaries or car crime incidents in the area actually reside in this area at all.

As for the comments regarding the B45 postcode, would the writer make the same complaints about additional housing in any other area within this postcode which is not exclusive to Cofton Hackett?

We all pay our council taxes and we suffer the exact same incidents of criminal activity as well as the resulting increase in our insurance premiums.

I would like to echo the sentiments of Dr Mike Pattison (“Warm welcome to Cofton”, January 2018) who highlighted the positive community spirit that has developed down in the Lego Village.

Never before had I lived somewhere where I was on first-name terms with so many of my near neighbours as well as people from further afield.

The fact that a resident of this estate has joined the parish council, others regularly attend neighbourhood watch meetings and another has also occupied one of the previously empty commercial properties on Groveley Lane demonstrates just how people from this development are actually positively contributing to the wider area.

It’s a shame that some “Old Cofton” residents refuse to acknowledge any positive impact, despite claiming to not fear change.

It seems they are only open to change if it has a direct benefit to themselves, and it is quite depressing that a blinkered minority feel this way when most are open-minded enough to consider the benefits for the wider community.

A Happy Lego Man

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