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Council decision caused ‘eyesore’

Posted on August 30 2016 at 12:49:22

I wonder if the councillors who turned down the retirement homes application by McCarthy & Stone for 2 Birmingham Road, Alvechurch, and the field behind have seen the site recently?

The house is a derelict eyesore, the top half of the field has become a community tip and the bottom half has been invaded by Japanese knotweed.

It is right behind the gardens at the rear of Meadow Lane (below) and down by The Meadows – I understand it is already in there. 

Anyone not familiar with this plant should look it up on the computer.

A beautiful copper beech was felled recently, even though it had a preservation order on it, because it was deemed dangerous and a hazard. Knotweed is classed as a hazardous plant because of the damage its roots can do, but is not illegal if kept on one’s own land and not allowed to stray.

Thankfully the owner is going to have it treated but it will take four years to eradicate – then what?

If you do not allow this land to be developed the tipping will increase; it is bad now. Who is to say that knotweed will not return in another part of the field?

Many local inhabitants were in favour of the proposed development which would have been beneficial to both the village and the cricket club. However, we are now left with a village tip and Japanese knotweed
. . . great!

Dinah Brotherton, Alvechurch

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