Thursday January 24 2019

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Council planners ‘ignoring logic’

Posted on December 31 2017 at 2:15:49

I note from the Village News Round-up in your December issue that the owner of the former veterinary surgery has asked villagers for suggestions of uses.

As I recall, a comprehensive development scheme was submitted to the planning authority for the redevelopment of this site for retirement homes, and part of the proposals included development of the cricket pavilion and other benefits to the village.

I further understand this was refused, which is not surprising as the planning authority has a history of ignoring logic and any proposal which benefits the community.

The environment is now reaping the reward of derelict buildings, Japanese knotweed, rubbish and inferior playing facilities, not to mention the obvious demand for housing by the elderly community with easy access to facilities.

As a post script, I also note that on the same page, in the news from 10 years ago, the same council approved housing partly on Green Belt land in Hopwood.

David Barton, Weatheroak, Alvechurch

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