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‘Cowardly’ note left on carer’s car

Posted on February 27 2020 at 3:20:24

To the individual who left a typed/printed note on a car outside Malvern Grange Flats on Greenhurst Drive in Barnt Green: this obscene and abusive note left on a carer’s car, parked while on duty, is not being taken lightly.

The wording was very unpleasant and contained various swear words, all of which was intended to intimidate, and the note has been photographed by the carer.

I have spoken to the neighbours near to Malvern Grange, who were horrified at the note.

Windmill Hill Care would like to say that although carers can make mistakes parking while on duty, it is not intentional or done with malice. On this occasion the carer had not parked incorrectly or blocked any drive or bend on this road.

This was a coward’s way of dealing with a situation. If the author had the decency to leave a polite note with contact details, it would of course be dealt with.

What a shame that individuals like this live in our village.

Jackie Grant RN, Windmill Hill Care

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