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Credit isn’t due

Posted on July 28 2015 at 10:05:04

In a local paper article about legal action to deter traveller encampments, Bromsgrove District Council cabinet member Kit Taylor is reported as saying: “This move not only means that our residents will be better protected, it reiterates that we will not tolerate illegal occupancy of land, anywhere.”

Residents may be better protected, but not because of anything Coun Taylor or Bromsgrove council has done. This was a private injunction, paid for by private individuals. How does a private injunction “reiterate” that the council will not tolerate illegal occupancy of land?

In fact, my understanding is that Bromsgrove council is still refusing to use its powers in The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act, Section 77 and it’s only thanks to the work of the police that we are now tackling this problem.

However, the police action we are now seeing is a direct result of a group of diligent residents of Alvechurch and some members of Alvechurch and Stoke Heath parish councils.

To see Coun Taylor taking credit is, I’m afraid, typical. I was present in the council’s Chamber last year when he again took credit for the removal of travellers.

Jon Stevenson

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