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Crossing closure a knee-jerk reaction

Posted on September 29 2015 at 9:41:04

The following is an extract from a letter I have sent to our MP, Sajid Javid:

Having read the article “Rail path closed over ‘misuse’” in the August issue of The Village and personally experiencing the inconvenience of the closure, I am writing to enlist your help in achieving a sensible and practical outcome to this situation.

I would be delighted if I genuinely felt that Network Rail’s sole concern was safety.  I doubt this, as if a survey was conducted of every railway line footcrossing in the country you would find examples of the public behaving irresponsibly.

Is it Network Rail’s intention to therefore close all of them?

The crossing behind Cofton Hall represents a very convenient, well-used and pleasant route to access both Upper Bittell reservoir and Barnt Green village.

The vast majority of walkers abide by the instructions on the signage and cross the line safely, neither endangering their or others’ lives.

To suggest closing it permanently is a knee-jerk, unjustified reaction.

Network Rail appears to fully meet its safety responsibilities by the provision of warning signs and central safety zone. In addition, all trains sound a warning well in advance of their passing the crossing.

No crossing, of whatever type, can be made 100 per cent safe.

Garth Wood, Cofton Hackett

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