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Cycle path plea

Posted on September 03 2014 at 1:02:43

This is a copy of a letter sent to Worcestershire County Councillor June Griffiths and Road Safety and Highways officer John Fraser:

I have heard that Bromsgrove District Council will undertake to study and liaise with the Highways Authority and appropriate interest groups to identify segregated routes for cyclists, concentrating on linking the main residential areas with employment areas, schools and town centres.

May I make a suggestion: I did mention briefly at the last Alvechurch parish council meeting that it would be a good idea to propose a cycle track to be made alongside the new widening of the railway track, which is in progress at this present time.

What an opportunity it would and could be, if this suggestion was taken up by the powers that be, while this ongoing work is in progress. I say this because the works have already made a temporary access along the tracks to service the new one being installed.

So why not take advantage of this and look at the possibility of using this temporary service road to facilitate a cycle track to link up with the nearby canal system’s tow path that is already used for walking and cycling?

The opportunity would give a direct safe access from Redditch to Birmingham and elsewhere without using the dangerous highways. Work fast and don’t miss this opportunity before the ongoing works finish!

Furthermore, this would be a great opportunity for the landowners along the track to donate a little of their land to the community for an excellent cause, for safety and the reservation of our environment.

If our councillors work fast on this suggestion, I am sure anything could happen! I look forward to your response with interest.

Mr A F Corbett, Alvechurch

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