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Despair over speeding

Posted on September 30 2018 at 2:06:30

Can I add to your volume of motor-related concerns.

My gate is within 2ft (old money) of the Radford Road “motorway” in Weatheroak. This is known locally as “Blind Man’s Alley”, as most motorists cannot see the 30mph limit or pedestrians, or other means of transport (horses and bicycles).

The police have confirmed that they will need to be notified of at least two deaths before they are prepared to take any action.

Apparently the location is too dangerous to provide a radar trap. The residents’ association has asked for volunteers to sacrifice themselves in the interests of village safety, but surprisingly there have been no applicants.

We are all in despair that peaceful protest falls on deaf ears, or in the case of the local authority, impotence and lack of action due to “under resourcing”, which basically means “we are wasting your money on mismanagement”.

I am left to reminisce that happiness is only in the past and I am old enough to remember the days when I could walk to and from the Coach and Horses in blissful safety on the carriageway (no footpath); all I would meet was the occasional herd of cows, sheep and the odd tractor.

As somebody said recently: “We are a third world country without the sunshine.”

I have several thoughts with regard to relieving the problem, none of which, however, are legal – but so what, neither are the drivers who grossly exceed the speed limit.

David Barton, Weatheroak, Alvechurch

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