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Dog virus alert

Posted on October 25 2014 at 3:34:58

I am writing about my poor dog who I believe contracted canine distemper from a dog at Rowney Green park area behind the Peace Hall three or four months ago.

My lovely, friendly collie cross went over to say “hello” to the dog and one of the people with it shouted out “He’s got kennel cough”.

Lo and behold, a couple of weeks later we were at the vets with a coughing dog. Treatment didn’t really work and now we have a very poorly dog going through some terrible symptoms which I now discover are caused by distemper, which mimics kennel cough.

Both diseases are very serious and no dog with these viruses should be taken to an area where there are other dogs owing to the risk of spreading to other dogs.

My dog is an older dog, but he was very fit and active before this. He is a shadow of his former self and going downhill rapidly.

We are all very angry to be losing him before his time. Who takes their dog to a dog walking area when they have a nasty virus?


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