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Don’t leave donkey work to the few

Posted on January 31 2016 at 11:30:41

After reading the latest edition of The Village, I felt compelled to write to you regarding the most recent Parklands/Oakalls event, the Christmas carol service, which I am sure will be shown in full colour in the next issue.

I am not certain if you or any other residents are aware, but there were only a handful of people who offered their help in setting up and clearing away at the event, as well as a couple of “outsiders”.

This, I feel, shows a real lack of community spirit and I personally think it is not acceptable that a 72-year-old woman (Coun Caroline Spencer) should be rushing around organising the whole event.

The carol service itself was very well attended, as I am sure you are aware, but, quite bluntly, when push comes to shove, no-one wants to help with the donkey work.

I would welcome your comments or views on this issue, and when the next event takes place, I really do hope the Parklands/Oakalls residents find that community spirit and offer their assistance.

Kirsten Walton, Parklands/Oakalls

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