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Don’t mind the residents, we just live here!

Posted on November 29 2019 at 2:02:56

This is a suggestion to the “Cofton Hackett resident” (Village Views, November 2019) regarding their view that the No Entry sign in Ten Ashes Lane is out of date.

I have a question: what’s the difference between an Austin worker and a lazy estate resident? Answers on a postcard please, and put them on the notice board at the lovely new village hall.

While you’re at it, petition to get rid of the traffic island at Lickey Road, then do as 500 cars a day do; just cut through Ten Ashes. This is a documented fact!

Don’t worry that you will be responsible for a fatality that would surely happen, and don’t concern yourself with that blind bend and steep drop, or that residents take their life in their hands merely wanting to exit their own drives.

We don’t mind the everyday road rage, the swearing from inconsiderate idiots, and we didn’t mind buying a new lamp post.

Ten Ashes Lane resident 

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