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England should do more to celebrate its culture

Posted on December 30 2014 at 12:09:54

I was disappointed to note the comments of the writer in the December edition of The Village (How do we feel?).

Despite accepting that the Morris Dancers are in no way racially motivated, the writer insists on taking offence.  

I am not English and was not raised in England, however I have raised my two sons in England and have been disappointed by the lack of English cultural celebration.  

Most notably there is no celebration of St George’s Day and the lack of education regarding the Morris Dancers also illustrates this deficit. It is both interesting and educational to appreciate the heritage of the country one lives in.  

I would be appalled if anyone tried to suppress the celebration of the cultural heritage of my native country and consider that the same respect should be given to England. 

It is offensive and oppressive when a country is fearful of celebrating its heritage due to fear of being accused of racism, when no racism is intended.

The national flag is displayed everywhere in the USA, yet the English flag seems to be shrouded in shame.

A wide range of cultures are respected in England and it is both equitable and courteous to reciprocate in the same manner.

Surely it is important when choosing your country of residency that you embrace and respect its culture?

If I did not feel that way about England, then I would either return to my native land or look for somewhere that does accommodate my views.

I certainly do not expect a whole nation to change its ways to accommodate my ideals.

Christine, Marlbrook

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