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Fired up – again

Posted on September 01 2015 at 12:29:20

I know this is something that has been raised/covered previously but it is still an issue that needs tackling hence why I’m raising it again.

We live in the heart of Alvechurch village and have spent yet another summer closing our windows and bringing washing in because of the frequent fires which seem to be lit at both ends of the village, bringing acrid smoke through the village which seeps through our windows and chimneys even if we have our windows closed.

Yesterday was a prime example; I could see smoke coming from the end of a garden down near the doctors’ surgery on three separate occasions; late morning, mid-afternoon and then again in the evening, which just seems ridiculous.

My question to readers is: are there any laws about such fires, has anyone contacted the culprits (whoever they may be?) or explored this with the council at all?

Nicola Sutton

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