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Good causes miss out

Posted on February 22 2012 at 1:11:16

Some of your readers may be wondering what has happened to the Lickey Villages Peel2Save fundraising initiative that I co-ordinate and was featured in The Village magazine last September.

Despite local traders very generously giving exclusive discounts and offers totalling more than £300 to buyers of the card, good causes with one exception have been totally unreceptive to the proposition, despite there being no financial risk and the guarantee of being able to retain the total net profit (£6.50) from each £10 card they sold to supporters and members of the public.

The general impression I got from those we contacted was that they preferred more traditional labour-intensive, low-return fundraising methods, such as fairs and events, but were unwilling to make the effort to organise a selling campaign around this unique “everyone wins” idea.

The result is that more than £13,000 of potential funds that could make a real difference to some organisations in the local community is lying unliquidated in the form of nearly 2000 unsold cards in my office, and traders have missed out on the extra footfall their kind offers deserved.

I believe we have approached every fundraiser in the area but if we have missed anyone, I can be contacted on 0121 506 9208.

Mike Bingham, Alvechurch

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