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Green belt ‘gifted’ to developers

Posted on December 28 2018 at 2:12:59

Thank you for alerting me to the District Plan consultation timeframe recently – which, like yourselves, I found to be a challenging read.

I found the documents quite vast and found myself re-reading the carefully structured questions that seemed to form an illegitimate inquisition.

The fundamental injustice to be endured by the community seems to be the deceptive foregone conclusion that the Green Belt must be sacrificed.

I was alarmed to learn through the immense documentation that the entirety of this land has already been divided up into “parcels”.

Parcels is a curious term, presumably coined as they’ve already been gifted to the omnipresent developers.

I appreciate the built environment never stands still, but eradicating a finite landscape field by field will be all too painful to justify to the next generation.

If the misleading terminology of a housing crisis was re-designated as a population surplus, then it might shift the conversation and overturn the short term gestures offered towards a democratically progressive initiative.

Stephen Farley, Cofton Hackett

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