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Hedgehog help wanted

Posted on June 21 2008 at 5:41:25

I have recently discovered some interesting facts about the humble hedgehog that I would like to share with readers of The Village magazine.

After a rescue attempt on a sick hedgehog and nightly sessions watching these loveable creatures from my window, it is amazing how many people I speak to who do not realise these prickly creatures are endangered.

I have made up a leaflet which I plan to distribute to friends and relatives as well as at work.

I have attached a copy of this and if you find any of the facts interesting or would be kind enough to include some of the details in the next edition, I would be extremely grateful as it is a chance to get the information across to so many readers.

Donna Timms, Alvechurch

OK, Donna, here are a few of your facts about hedgehogs:

* Their fleas can only survive on hedgehogs. They cannot live on you, your pets or your soft furnishings.
* They are now an endangered species; only 1 in 5 survives.
* They are nocturnal. If you see a hedgehog wandering around in the day time they need your help as they are usually injured or dehydrated.

If anyone would like a copy of Donna’s leaflet, we can email it to you. Just send an email to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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