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Historical knowledge needed to understand case for Brexit

Posted on February 28 2018 at 12:36:07

Like thousands across The Village mag’s catchment area, I get a tingle of excitement as each month ends, in eager anticipation of the next issue and the chance to voraciously consume its contents.

So imagine my chagrin, when chatting to a fellow Alvechurchian, to be asked (in reference to the January issue), “Have you seen that comment in the Village View?” – and I had to admit I hadn’t!

I discovered, having located a copy, that he was referring to the mention of Brexit at the bottom of that naughty Editor’s column, which was then, in the February issue, the subject of a complaint and a demand for an apology – ooooh!

I welcome a little political comment, and as Branch Secretary of a party that campaigned its socks off to achieve a 55 per cent Bromsgrove constituency Leave vote at the referendum, I also feel a need to respond – though constructively, rather than complain.

To understand the case for Brexit one needs to know the history of the organisation we are struggling to leave, and few people actually do; including, possibly, the Editor and last month’s complainant.

Peter McHugh, Alvechurch

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