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Homes go-ahead ‘blinkered’

Posted on November 21 2007 at 12:03:27

We have all received letters in Hopwood regarding the decision that affordable housing is, against all logic, going to be sited on Green Belt land in Hopwood.

We would like to inform you of our utter disgust at our local representatives in recommending affordable housing in this unsuitable site despite the advice of planning officers.

How can a community of 60 houses have a need for another 20 with no facilities or amenities? These officials are bending over backwards to appease their masters; somebody is having a laugh at our expense.

We have tried our best as a representative committee of Hopwood, but it was not good enough. The affordable housing development in Hopwood has been given the go ahead due to the very, very blinkered attitude of the district council and parish council and the Government’s Secretary of State.

We have presented relevant information to councillors, planning officers, parish councillors, wildlife associations, MPs, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and even Government offices and the press, all to no avail.

It all comes down to the Government giving directives to local councils to get on and carry out their wishes, with the new flavour-of-the-year topic that is affordable housing to be built on Green Belt land.

Adrian Smith, Hopwood

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