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Horse riders have no choice but to use roads

Posted on July 31 2017 at 1:05:42

I am a horse owner. I frequently ride up or down Cofton Church Lane.

Does Dr Vohra (“Owners should clean up after horses”, Village Views July 2017) realise that at either end there is a bridleway – of which there are very few? One has to walk up the lane to reach the next part of the bridleway.

I, like many others, ride a big horse which I cannot get on without the aid of a mounting block. Is Dr Vohra and everyone else down that lane, or any other road, going to provide a way for me to get back on, plus a shovel, as I cannot carry one with me?

In the old days people would gather the droppings for their gardens.

Places for off-road riding are getting fewer and fewer. As I don’t have access to a horse box in which to take my horse further afield, most of my riding is done down country lanes or on the main road.

While most people are considerate, there are an awful lot who are not.

So the next time you see a rider, slow down and give them a wide berth – and if they should happen to leave a deposit outside your house, collect it up and feed your roses.

Cheryl Godfrey, via email

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