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Horses good for environment

Posted on September 23 2007 at 11:48:33

Well, to say I was upset is an understatement. I have been riding horses 31 years and have seen the roads get busier and busier. The worst thing is a minority’s attitudes.

I am sure the rest of the riding community in and around Bromsgrove would love to be able to ride through fields and bridleways, but unfortunately fields are private property and horses do not have access and bridle paths are getting few and far between due to the large number of house being built in the area.

I would like to point out that horses are good for the environment, they are not damaging the ozone, they do not damage the roads and it is also good exercise. Horses were around long before motor vehicles and roads were originally built for horse and carriage, not for cars.

As for the horse manure, what do you expect to find on the roads when you live in the country, along with dead rats, hedgehogs, rabbits, badgers and foxes? If it is that much of a hardship for drivers to slow down to safely pass horses and you don’t like the way of the countryside move back to the towns.

Also, exactly what does this driver think would happen if horse riders had to get off to clean up after their horse? That would make it even more dangerous for the horse and rider.  You don’t have to drive through it!!

Most drivers in the area do not have a problem with horses. Most slow down and give plenty of room as they would rather get round safely than have half a ton of horse sat on their bonnet, but there is a very small minority that makes the roads very unsafe for horse, rider and themselves by being impatient and speeding.

Concerned Horse Rider, Lickey End

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