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‘Hostile’ plans for Green Belt

Posted on February 27 2020 at 3:26:24

Early last year the substantial Bromsgrove District Plan document was marketed depicting benign agency models alongside an almost impenetrably extensive questionnaire (think developer site hoarding only as part of an exam).

Only through invested reading would a troubling plotline unfold *environmental spoiler alert*. I could only conclude through the deftly inferred narrative that: “We’re going to do it to you anyway, but here’s some comforting images by way of an aesthetic anaesthetic.”

The subsequent maps (only recently disclosed by BDC) appear to closely correlate with the dark intentions of a hostile power that’s intent on annexing enormous swathes of our Green Belt land.

It’s an astonishing conspiratorial encirclement of imposed conurbation that blights the many to enrich the suited few. The numerous red outlines so neatly “parcelling” each unwarranted gift of ground proved to be a red line for me too.

They will counter that nothing has yet been decided, but previous public consultation processes have proven to be a cynical holding pattern. Merely placating the anticipated public outcry as part of a wider proven strategy.

Meanwhile their lobbyists draw on considerable financial resources to bulldoze our shire heritage into their lucrative unsustainable opportunity.

I’m looking from high at a landscape that is finite, destined exclusively by those incentivised executives towards a metropolis skyline.

These seismic proposals would irreversibly downgrade our quality of life in their overbuilt onslaught, inevitably bequeathing Barred Green and Cofton Hacked amongst our children’s lost legacy.

If we don’t act now then these earmarked parishes will be ravenously consumed as Greater Birmingham’s Worcestershire source.

Stephen Farley
(adjacent to parcels 211, 257a, 069, 257b, 241 & 226)

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