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How many workmen does it take to paint one line?

Posted on March 25 2010 at 2:33:39

I was incensed to witness the six men it took to paint a one metre yellow line on the street in Alvechurch.

How could it take two lorries and all those council workmen on full salaries to do this one small task on Bear Hill?

Council bills are going up and up and yet it looked like they were having a street party at our expense.

I was so cross, I rang Bromsgrove District Council, who put me on to Worcestershire County Council where they logged the complaint and advised me to call George Lord, our Alvechurch Ward councillor.

So I rang Coun Lord but just got an answering machine so I left a message about my concern at the wastage of money at a time when council tax bills are rising.

They are talking about having to cut back on council workers, yet they can send six to paint one line on the road.

To date, I have not received a reply from Coun Lord or anyone from Worcestershire County Council.

Name and address supplied, Alvechurch

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